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Meet Rob Cowell, PT

Drawing from 22 years of experience in physical therapy, fitness and athletics, Rob leverages his unique training background to create cutting-edge programming for his readers and followers.     Rob's new online course, Progressive Core Strengthening is an immersive training method that teaches members good posture and effective movement patterns, all while building their strength through six sequential workout videos.  

 "My inspiration to create and all my training content came from my most challenging clients and patients. Their health problems were so severe that it was difficult to make as much progress as we hoped for in their rehabilitation.  I kept wondering what would my patients and I have achieved if we had met 10-15 years earlier, before they became so sick?   Now I have a way to turn back the clock! and Progressive Core Strengthening give you tools to help you get well before pain or disability begins to slow your life down."  

Best wishes for your own development of health and fitness.  Whenever you exercise, remember to master your movement and make yourself strong!

COURSES by Rob Cowell, PT

Progressive Core Strengthening

A complete online course with training videos for every exercise!

Progressive Core Strengthening has already helped others relieve pain, restore their strength, and improve their athletic performance, and now the new second edition is enhanced with updated content and workout videos!  

With this course, you'll learn how to activate your core to give your muscles and joints the support they need throughout the day, including when you exercise.  Then you'll take your new movement skills and apply them to a six-level series of workout routines, building all the way up to athletic core strength if you so desire.     


Mini courses based on PCS

The Core Fundamentals

Your short cut to a healthy back and a stronger core.

Imagine if there was one thing you could do to make you feel better, look better and even breathe more easily! Today, you can get access to a very doable training method that teaches you exactly how to support your neck and back with your core.  Your new movement skills will help you develop better body alignment when you exercise and good posture all the time!   


Intro Core Training

Develop your strength and perfect your form when you exercise.

Have you ever felt inspired and yet overwhelmed seeing a fit friend or peer exercising, as if you'd have to get in shape first before you could even try what they were doing?  This online course will bring core exercise right to your level so you can build strength and feel more confident about the way you're exercising.  You'll follow a natural progression through three graduated workouts, building you up to an intermediate level of core strength by the end of the course. 


Advanced Core Training

Learn to control your exercise movement as you train hard for athletic-level core strength.

Have you ever pushed yourself to keep up with an intense workout routine and then wondered whether you could get hurt by the way you were doing the exercises?  Advanced Core Training is true to it's name, and it will push you to new levels of core strength and control. But it's not just a series of killer workouts. First you learn how to activate your core muscles for safe movement when you exercise. Then you'll follow a natural progression through three graduated workouts, building you up to an athletic level of core strength by the end of the course.  


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